Posted 09/03/2021 by Multi Manufacturers

Multi Manufacturers Launches A New Product

Msasa Rd, Harare, Zimbabwe

Exciting news from Multi Manufacturers, we have a new product in stock and we want you to try it out! 

OZONIZER (Vegetable, fruit and meat purifier)

1. Water purification, decomposition of organic impurities in water.

2. Tableware disinfection.

3. Removes pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables.

4. Removes artificial hormones and antibiotics from the meat and  eliminates bad odor.

5. Removes smell of fish, sea food, shell fish.

6. Effective removal of interior odor.

7. Daily cleaning and disinfection.

8. Effective removal of make-up.

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Msasa Rd, Harare, Zimbabwe

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