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PSMI Medical Clinics Multiple branches

Medical Clinics

PSMI Private Hospitals Multiple branches

Referral Hospitals for PSMI

PSMI Radiology Services Multiple branches

Radiology Services

PSMI Rehabilitation Services Multiple branches

PSMI Rehabilitation Services (PRS) is a department of PSMI which offers physiotherapy and occupational therapy services to hospitalized patients and out-patients

A personalized and collaborative clinical plan to manage the kidney disease.

Property Sales & Rentals

Suppliers of Farming Implements, Construction Material, Agro-Chemical & Seeds, Reinforcement Steel, Hardware, Fencing Material, Iron Sheets, School Furniture, Playgroud Equipment, Shovels & Picks

Pacprint Harare

For All your Commercial Litographic, Computer Stationery, Letterpress, Silkscreen Printers and Manufacturers of quality Packaging.

Paddock Gears Harare

Gears & Gearboxes

At, we understand that prescriptions run out That's why we can fulfill your order, without a prescription

Suppliers of TOP QUALITY PAINTS: Plascon, Astra, Dulux, Hamilton Brushes, Solvents PAINT ACCESSORIES: Lacquer Thinners, Turpentine, Mutton Cloth, Sugar Soap, Silicones, glues, Paint brushes/Trays


Dulux and Astra Household Paints

Urban & Regional Planning Consultants

Pamusha Lodge Victoria Falls

Accommodation, Lodges, Safaris

Manufacturers of all your Plastic Requirements

Paper House Harare

The house of paper

Paper Place Harare


Printing of General Stationery, Full Colour Process, Lithographic Printing, Security Printing of Cheques, deposit & Withdrawal Books, Security Paper Scratch Cards with Pin & Labelling.

Innovation, prosperity, stability

Travel Agency American Express Agency

Seeds, Seedlings, Irrigation, Greenhouse Plastic, Vegetable Seedlings, Gardening Equipment, Fertilisers, Bakery services,

Penanel Trading (Pvt) Ltd Multiple branches

Penanel is a diverse company focusing on Signage Materials, Road construction and Packaging materials.

For all your funeral policies and services

For all your Insurance Requirements, Personal, Business, Farming, Life, Motor, and Funeral. We balance your pocket