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With large numbers of containers and bulk exports of agricultural and mineral products, FAMS offers a managed export service for major commodity importers and exporters by road and rail.

FAMS carries out due diligence and regularly invites suitable road hauliers who have the required safety standards, good quality vehicles and maintenance of their equipment to become providers of road services to the group. Strict due diligence ensures these hauliers have suitably qualified drivers and safe, roadworthy vehicles.

FAMS also provides a local domestic road delivery to end users of air freight, deconsolidated cargoes and LCL shipments, including temperature controlled and sensitive pharmaceutical shipments. This service is provided using a mixture of FAMS own delivery vehicles and 3rd party transporters.

International road transport companies are also contracted to provide cross border haulage for landlocked countries where a sea-road solution is required for export and import of cargo in both bulk and containerised modes.

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