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Posted 16/06/2020 in Category 1 by Profeeds

Poultry Broiler

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Successful broiler farming at any level is all about successful day-to-day management of all aspects of the broiler's life. Of all these management aspects required to successfully grow broilers, feed is the most significant. Feed makes up a minimum of 65-70% of the total cost of producing broiler meat. Therefore, it is very important that the feed is right in all aspects and the feed management is appropriate for the system in order to maximize on the growth potential of the birds.

The overall goal is to get the birds to maximize on their growth potential in as short a time as possible. At Profeeds we ensure we get the correct raw materials for feed production, and we use the latest recommended formulation and manufacturing techniques to ensure we produce superior feed.

Our feeding trials and field results from our wide range of customers have indicated achievement of slaughter weights at 5 weeks of about 1.8kg minimum with good conversion rates.

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