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Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation is the most efficient method of irrigation, allowing you to minimise wastage and maximise the effectiveness of your irrigation system. Each emitter in the drip-line is fitted with a highly advanced labyrinth dripper which controls the discharge of water. This means that you have very accurate control over the water application and as a result the correct amount of water can be applied exactly where it is required. NaanDanJain’s cascade labyrinth is specially designed and engineered to give the best results possible. It has high resistance to clogging, root intrusion and sand suction as well as being designed to self-clean so that it can handle higher inlet dirt loads. Drip irrigation is designed to work at approximately 1 bar but can still run effectively on as low as 0.3 bar; which makes it ideal for small scale rural projects where electricity is not available. This is seen as the system is easily integrated with solar pumps so that your scheme can run virtually cost free with no negative environmental impact.

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