William Bain & Company Holdings (Pvt) Ltd

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery - Agricultural Engineering - Cattle Handling Equipment - Trailer and Water Carts - Tractors and Combines

Manufacturers and Retailers of : Agricultural Implements and Spares, New Holland Tractors (Fiat and Ford) and Spares, Trailers and Water Carts, Cattle Handling Equipment and Animal Drawn Implements

Address: Head Office
35 Douglas Road
Telephone: +263 (242) 2911285
+263 (242) 2911286
+263 (242) 2911287
+263 (242) 2911038
+263 (242) 621081
+263 (242) 621082
+263 (242) 621083
+263 (242) 621084
+263 (242) 621085
+263 (242) 621086
+263 (242) 621087
+263 (242) 621088
+263 (242) 2911879
+263 (242) 2911029
Cell: +263 772 285 491
+263 772 415 287
Fax: +263 (242) 669222
Email: bain@bain.co.zw

Postal: P O Box 1180, Harare
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Background of William Bain & Company Holdings

William Bain & Company Holdings is Zimbabwe’s leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment which was established in 1922 as a local distributor of tractors and farm equipment. As a development following market demand the company started the development and manufacture of the Bain range of agricultural machinery in 1968. Over the years Bain range of products have been expanded to include a complete range of land  tillage and land preparation equipment designed to suit  African conditions, vehicles and castings. 1990 saw the company’s name changing to Bain New Holland after acquiring the franchise to distribute New Holland tractors in Zimbabwe.


William Bain and Company Holdings’ range of products include:

New Holland Tractors and combines
Case tractors and combines
Hay balers
Back hoe loaders
Skid Steer loaders
Tractor drawn implements
Animal drawn implements
Spares for the above and workshop services
Trucks, buses and spares thereof
Hardware and complementary products
Fencing material – Diamond Mesh, Barbed Wire, chicken & poultry netting

Tractor drawn implements range from: 

 Land Preparation
• Planting
• Fertiliser application and after planting care
• Harvesting
• Farm Animals
• Trailers
• Containers (water tanks, water carts, fuel tanks)
• Grass Cutting
• Earthmoving
• Tobacco Farming


1. Land Preparation
• Rippers.  Carries out chisel ploughing, moisture conservative, ideal for virgin land as it disintegrates the root system deep underground
• NJ series Ploughs-the reversible discs have a strength of saving time and diesel during ploughing
• P11 Plough
• SP2 Plough
• Caesar Harrow-Carries out discing of the land giving soil a finer tilth, it also destroys early weeds before planting is done
• Hannibal-a heavy machine also known as a ploughing harrow, it carries out the functions of both the plough and the harrow
• MOD Harrow
• SH16 Harrow
• Wessex Harrow
• Waffler
• Contiba
• Contiridger-preparation of ridges in a manner that promotes the conservation of moisture
• Mole Ridger
• Re-Ridger
• Ridge Hog
• Zimflex harrow

2. Planting

• Seed Drill
• Fertiliser spreader
• Land Rollers- for breaking clods to achieve a fine tilth which facilitates germination

3. Fertiliser application and after planting care

• Zephyr cultivator-
• Fertiliser spreader
• Zephyr cultivator with top dressing unit- it cultivates the land ,destroys weeds and applies fertilizer

4. Harvesting

• Potato digger-This is for lifting /harvesting potatoes from underground leaving them exposed on the ground
• Grain Bagging trailer
• Grain thresher-This implement separates grain from the cob
• Coffee Pulper
• Citrus trailer

5. Farm Animals

• Standard cattle scale-The implement is for weighing cattle
• Pig and sheep scale
• Calf tilt
• Cattle bail-Restraining/Handling cattle when administering drugs, branding and dehorning

6. Trailers

• Flat deck trailer-Transportation of farm produce
• Trailer with drop sides
• Dumper trailer
• Grain Bagging trailer
• Citrus trailer
• Water cart-Water transportation on farm ,furnishes 4 holes which administer watering of holes during tobacco transplantation
• Refuse trailer

7. Containers
• Plastic/Steel water cart
• Fuel tank
     8. Grass Cutting
• Gladiator Mower-Cutting grass on farms and roadsides.
• Scimitar Mower-Mowing grass in sports fields

8. Earthmoving

• Bain Grader-Grading of roads, preparation of fireguards
• Damscoop-for construction/desiltration of dams, Destruction of anthills

9. Tobacco Farmers

• Tobacco Scrap grader
• Tobacco Bailing Press-Bailing of tobacco by pressing
• Re-ridger
• Contiridger
• Contiba


Bain operates through the five divisions which are Bain Trading and Services, Bain Manufacturing, Bain Iveco, Bain Case and Foundries.
William Bain & and Company Holdings boasts of over 87 years of experience in the provision of  quality  Bain range of implements- a renowned brand upon which all  successful farmers in the SADC region are anchored. Bain implements are designed locally and manufactured to suit the toughest conditions all over Africa. Blending William Bain’s experience of excellence with that of Iveco and Case which are world renowned brands is a force to reckon with on the Zimbabwean market and will change the face of the agricultural and transport industry in Zimbabwe. With Bain Trading Services’ existing  distribution network of more than 8 branches and dealers country wide, all the divisions are well equipped to offer good back up service to its customers throughout the country.

The map below shows areas where William Bain has branches and/or agents:

1. Bain Trading and Services

It is the trading division of the group selling spare parts; factory manufactured implements and franchised agricultural equipment. The division is responsible for running the company’s workshops.

Bain Trading and Services operates through seven branches which are strategically located nationwide to distribute and offer back up services for William Bain’s products. These branches are located in Mutare, Chegutu, Chinhoyi, Mvurwi, Marondera, Triangle, and Bindura. Where William Bain and Company Holdings has no branches, it has agents who distributes and offers back up service for all its products.

The trading division is also involved in the selling of complementary products used on the farm. The complementary products range from building materials, gardening tools, safety clothing to agricultural inputs such as seeds, fertilizers and herbicides.

Trading is done through the following Centres operating as fully – fledged branches:


Through the above branches Bain offers the following after sales services:
Full spares back-up
Farmer training
Product commissioning
Tractor driver training
Free implement and equipment demonstrations

Bain also has representation through agencies or dealers in Masvingo, Bulawayo and Gweru. The company has widened its market base into regional countries through exports. And to date the company is exporting to Zambia through its subsidiary Bain Zambia and to Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania and Malawi through agents such as Agriterra, Masiphathisane Marketing, Noble Motors and Costantini and Company respectively.
2. Bain Manufacturing Division (BMD)

Bain Manufacturing is a division of William Bain & Company Holding which specializes in the manufacture of agricultural implements. This manufacturing unit has a successful record of the design and production of wholly Zimbabwean products for supply to both domestic and export markets. BMD also manufactures brake drums for all types of vehicles. The success of the division has come about through effective product design and development, employing higher technology and improved efficiency resulting from actual field test and feedback from the farmers. Our highly qualified personnel guarantee customers of having all their requirements being met. BMD has been ISO certified since 1997 and the division strives to produce quality results on every order received.

The factory is fully furnished with all the necessary design, fabrication and machining equipment.


BMD has the following major departments:

• Design and Development
• Production
• Quality Assurance
• Accounts
• Purchasing

The actual manufacturing is co-ordinated by the progress control department while the financial aspects are co-ordinated by the costing department.


1. Design and Development

a)  Drawing Office
• Design Office with computer-aided design facilities using CADKEY software

b) Workshop
• Fully equipped workshop with artisans working in it.

2. Production

The production line is fully furnished all the necessary design, fabrication and machining equipment as outline below. Production Department has five different sections which are outlined as below:-

a) Progress Control


b) Blacksmith

• Guillotine
• Bending press
• Nibbling machine
• Rolling machine
• Saws
• Hydraulic presses
• Furnaces
• Crop machines
• Profile cutter

c) Machine-shop

• Centre-lathe machines
• CNC lathe machine
• Radial Drilling machines
• Small drill machines
• Milling machine
• Threading machine
• Shaper

b) Welding shop

• D.C / A.C arc welding machines
• M.I.G (CO2) welding machines

d) Assembly Shop

e) Factory Stores

3. Quality Assurance

The Quality System has been designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems. These include

• Control of non-conforming product
• Quality Management Systems Document Control
• Preventive Action
• Correction and Corrective Action
• Internal Audits
• Management Review ( examining total effectiveness of the quality system by management)

a)Quality control

• To measure trends in product characteristics
• To measure level of non-conformities and evaluating process capability
• To measure performance of suppliers
• Inspection of In-coming Goods
• In-process inspection
• Calibration of measuring and testing equipment
• Tool, Jig and Fixture Making
• Statistical Quality Control

4. Accounts
a) Costing Accounting

5. Purchasing
a) Buying Office


Bain IVECO Zimbabwe is involved in the distribution, marketing of new Iveco vehicles and the provision of full back up services to all Iveco range of vehicles. Bain IVECO Zimbabwe was established in August 2008 after William Bain & Company Holdings acquired the IVECO franchise to distribute the state of the art range of light, medium, heavy and extra heavy commercial vehicles, off-road missions, defence and civil protection vehicles. The division (Bain IVECO Zimbabwe) offer full backup spares and full workshop facilities to all IVECO fleet owners. Bain IVECO has a 24hour break down service facility. Bain IVECO will be situated at number 4604 Motherwell Road, Workington ,Harare.


William Bain and Company has also been awarded the franchise for CASE combine harvesters and tractors. We offer spares and back up services for ALL CASE products in the country. Though William Bain and Company Holding’s CASE franchise holder is headquartered in Harare, our nation wide branches as well as dealers distribute CASE spares. Bain Case is situated at number 4604 Motherwell Road, Workington Harare.

5. FOUNDRIES: -Specialised Castings and Four Jays Engineering

Bain Specialised castings division focuses on the production of steel castings according to customer specifications. Castings produced are from the Mining, Automotive, Brick and tile making, industrial, agriculture, civil construction and earth moving, railways and food industry. The division is proud to offer pattern making services in its well equipped pattern shop.

Types of metal casts
• cast iron
• mild steels like EN8,EN16,EN23, EN24, EN32, EN45
• N1 hard
• ferro chrome steel
• speroidal graphite iron
• manganese steel
• stainless steel
• bronze

This is a foundry division which is similar to Specialised Castings.

Types of metal casts
• Aluminium
• Bronze
• Brass



Bain New Holland

35 Douglas Road, Workington, Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: 263-04-2911029/ 621081-7
E-mail: bain@bain.co.zw

Specialised Castings
331/332 Tongogara Crescent, Ruwa
Tel: 263-073-2718/2919/2917, 04-2911032
E-mail: specast@ruwa.bain.co.zw

Bain Iveco
4604 Motherwell Road
Workington Harare
Tel: 263-4-662616-9, 0912309892 , 011621593
E-mail: madovih@bain.co.zw
Bain Case

4604 Motherwell Road
Workington Harare
Tel: 263-4-662616-9, 0912309892
E-mail: bain@bain.co.zw

Four Jays Engineering:
21 Nuffield Road, Workington, Harare
Tel: 662601/5, 2921975
E-mail: fourjays@ecoweb.co.zw