Safeguard Security Services (Pvt) Ltd

Investigations - Security - Security Guards - Tracing and Debt Recovery - Surveillance

Guards, Investigations, Surveillance, Wage Packing, Access Control, Close Circuit Television, Vehicle Tracking, Integrity Shopping& Snap Searches, Psychological Stress Analysis, Tracing & Debt Recovery

Address: 36 Telford Road
Telephone: +263 (242) 751395
+263 (242) 751396
+263 (242) 751397
+263 (242) 751398
+263 (242) 751399
+263 (242) 864410099
+263 (242) 8644100910
+263 (242) 8644100911
+263 (242) 8644100912
Fax: +263 (242) 756545
Postal: P.O.Box 66006Kopje. Harare, Zimbabwe
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Safeguard has expanded to become the leading security provider in the country. It consists of 4 main companies- Safeguard Security, Safeguard Alarms, Safeguard Investigations, and Safeguard Engineering. These companies have branches throughout the country.

Customer service is at the core of our business, and our training, supervision ,management,and support completely sets us apart from
our competitors

Our skills cover the broad spectrum of business and home security, and we number amongst our clients the major banks , retailers, embassies, and manufacturers, as well as over 10 000 homes countrywide.

We are founder members of the Security Association of Zimbabwe, members of the World association of Detectives, American Society for Industrial Security, Association of British Investigators, and the Security Association of South Africa.

We have a registered training school and train locally and internationally to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the Industry in Zimbabwe.