Beams & Rays

Packaging - Paper and Packaging

Specialising in the design manufacturing and supply of flexible plastic and packaging.

Address: 62 Mutare Road, Msasa
Telephone: +263 (242) 486731
+263 (242) 486732
+263 (242) 486733
+263 8644 146 924
Cell: +263 737 404 669
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We are a young and dynamic company incorporated in January 2015, specialising in the design
manufacturing and supply of flexible plastic and packaging. The company has curved its market in the
food and beverage sectors, manufacturing and retails sectors through provision of packaging solutions
to promote and protect customer's products.
Our goal is to play a part in the economical development of the nation by producing quality packaging
that improves the marketability of our customer’s products on the global market.
Beams and Rays has a modern plastic manufacturing and conversion plant housed in the industrial hub
of Msasa, with top of the range processes which include film blowing extrusion and conversion of plastic
using a combination of materials. The company offers complementary services of pouch and bag
making of different sizes and also has printing facilities using exographic and gravure processes.
We have highly automated machinery with an annual production capacity of 600 tonnes and extrusion
capacity up to 160 microns. This minimises our cost of production and helps our customers to
competitively price their products.


Mission Statement
To be a customer-oriented, market-led company where the satisfaction of customers, the personal
development of employees and respect for local communities and the environment are seen as being
inseparable from the aim of creating value for the shareholders.

Our Vision
Beams and Rays (Pvt) Ltd will be the leader in customer satisfaction, quality, and product innovation,
working in true partnership with our customers, our suppliers, and among ourselves.

Our Values
Entrepreneurship: we cherish entrepreneurial spirit and a decentralised management style with staff
functions challenging and supporting the operations, with speed, and innovation.

People: our goal is to recruit, develop, motivate, keep safe and retain our employees.

Environment: our objective is to protect the environment and progressively improve our performance
on emissions to air, and discharges to water and soil.

Customers: we see ourselves as a service business with packaging products.

Shareholder returns: we aim to give the best shareholder returns relative to our peer group.

Meet stakeholder commitments: we are determined to meet our commitments and will put in place
the necessary resources to support their achievement.

Beams and Rays works with combination of materials using lamination processes tailor made to
suit the customer requirements. We use packaging materials that not only enhances the product
appearance and increase brand visibility on market, but also help to contain freshness, taste
and aroma.

Our product line includes:
Snacks packaging
Sweets and confectionary packaging
Biscuits packaging
Soaps and detergents packaging
Pharmaceutical packaging
Seed and grains packaging
Tea and coffee packaging
Refrigerated foods packaging
Carrier Bags
Shrink Wrap,
Black & Clear Sheeting