Innovative Marketing Company

Advertising - Design Consultants - Promotional Materials - Signage - Branding Specialists

Advertising - Marketing - Communications - Branding - Promotional material - Vehicle Branding - Stand Design - Billboards - Signage

Address: 9 Boddle Road
Telephone: +263 8611 280 853
Cell: +263 714 421 857
+263 773 286 465
+263 719 286 465
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Who we are

Innovative Marketing Company is a diversified construction, infrastructure concessions and Service Company

The company’s number of experience, innovation and exceptional people differentiate our approach to
delivering integrated solutions notwithstanding the diversity and complexity of an exponentially changing

As the name suggests, Innovative Marketing Company came about through the amalgamation of at
least five innovative product lines such as shop fitting and partitioning, tiling, ceilings, renovations and
refurbishment and construction and supply of building and construction materials
It has evolved to being a diversified construction, infrastructure concessions and services group with an
established and growing local and international client base engaged in resources, energy and infrastructure
delivery. The company’s business approach is encapsulated in its positioning statement of “Structured
Ingenuity”: The word “structured” articulates Innovative Marketing Company’s ability to deliver products
and services according to a tested methodology. The word “ingenuity” reflects the company’s ethos of
meeting challenges with innovative solutions.

To become the thought leader in the creative design, advertising
and innovative marketing practices in Africa.

We exist to provide high-quality services in branding,
advertising, and marketing to a diverse range of corporate, institutional and SME clients. In delivering these services,

we combine creativity with value pricing, whilst establishing
successful relationships with our clients and stakeholders. In order to deliver exceptional customer experience whilst
improving our product offering, we perform periodic marketplace reviews that are focused on deepening our
understanding regarding emerging market trends. Our competitive advantage is built upon a team of highly
talented, creative and passionate consultants. We will develop and retain a dynamic team of talented,
creative and passionate innovators, who diverse backgrounds and experiences position IMC to deliver the widest and
most exciting range of propositions to our clients.

Our efficiency and experience mean our clients save on time and money as a result of faster turnaround
times and a single on-site communication structure - our proposals and quotations are comprehensive and
set out in a bill of quantity form that is compiled by a qualified team of in-house experts. In this way, our
clients can be assured of accurate and detailed costing that is honest and reliable. Our services include
the full range of activities related to the development of turnkey projects - from foundation to roof level,
as well as those activities relevant to the restoration and renovation of heritage buildings, commercial
properties and public structures:

  • Building and Construction
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Developments
  • Renovation & Restoration
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Commercial Properties & Public Buildings
  • Building Maintenance
  • Plumbing
  • Painting
  • Electrical Speciality Areas
  • Shopfitting
  • Tiling,
  • Brickwork & Plastering
  • Ceilings & Partitioning
  • Architecture
  • Quantity Surveying

What Makes Our Service Different

As an Innovative Marketing Company, our clients can be assured of the constant supervision of their project
by an innovative team which available at every stage to provide constant feedback and to ensure that any
issues that arise are dealt with speedily. We retain personnel in every part of a project so that it’s unique
safety, quality and time requirements are always met. Services