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An independent, non-profit, non-partisan & development-oriented civil society organization that focuses on investing in Zimbabwean cultural, artistic and heritage initiatives, with the aim to create a greater wealth and well-being for Zimbabweans.

Address: 51 Harvey Brown Avenue
Milton Park
Telephone: +263 (242) 794211
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The Culture Fund Role in Zimbabwean Society:
Funding Arts, Culture and Heritage The organisation’s key role is to provide grants and technical support to individuals, registered companies, artists’ work groups, cultural organisations or cultural institutions.

Building Partnerships
The Fund promotes the use of art and culture as a tool for overall national development. It works in partnership with multi-lateral agencies, community based organisations, civil society, Government departments and NGOs. One of its main funding partners is the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), which fosters international development cooperation and channels its resources to culture agents and development projects in Zimbabwe through the Fund.

Integrating Society
Operating within a complex web of development, wealth creation and nation-building efforts, cultural initiatives cannot operate in a vacuum. The Culture Fund therefore brings together multiple stakeholders in the Zimbabwean cultural sphere and other sectors in integrating society; using the arts culture as an important vector for achieving sustainable development.

The Culture Fund Mandate
The Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust has a mandate to build capacity in the cultural sector through multi-dimensional strategies. These include investing in creative ideas by way of grants and technical assistance. The fund also creates an enabling environment for mainstreaming arts and culture into the national development agenda. Its stated vision and mission are couched in a set of organisational values and implemented through three strategic goals.

“A dynamic, diversified and sustainable culture sector imbued with Zimbabwean values and identity which contributes towards wealth creation”.

“To contribute to the growth of the culture sector in Zimbabwe by providing finance and technical support to cultural practitioners, institutions and activities”.

Strategic Goals
• Establish a sustainable Fund with a strong fund management capacity;
• Identify talent and create platforms for innovation and space to grow the culture sector;
• Access to finance, markets and capability, skills for culture agents.

Core Values
The Culture Fund believes that all its business practices should be tested for integrity and that operations should be efficient and quality never compromised. The Culture Fund is committed to being held accountable for adding public value and being open and transparent before its stakeholders. The organisation promotes bold and creative behavior whilst appreciating the importance of achieving a balance through acting as a non-partisan player in the Culture Sector, in all choices and activities.

About Culture Fund Programmes
In helping address the Arts and Culture sector as well as aspects of national development priorities, the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust supports a broad range of programme clusters. To achieve this, the sustainability of the Fund itself is important. This is done through building effective resource mobilisation and fund management capabilities assisted by strong strategic partners, good organisational governance and internal sound systems and procedures.

Who do we fund?
Zimbabweans or residents of Zimbabwe with legal status as follows: Individual Cultural Agents operating independently, Individual cultural Agents operating as a registered company, Artists or Work Groups, Cultural Organisations, Cultural Institutions.
Cross-Cutting Themes for Programmes

Gender equity, and particularly the empowerment of women and girls; HIV&AIDS and the vulnerable communities and individuals affected and infected; Artists and Human rights promotion; Good governance, the facilitation of a conducive environment for cultural growth; Environment, including issues around adaptation to climate change.

Gender Equity, Youths, Arts Education, Training Development
The Culture Fund pays particular attention to vulnerable groups such as marginalised women and youth in rural & urban areas. In so doing, it contributes to the unlocking of their full potential in the cultural and creative economy by bringing their experience, knowledge and interests into the productive matrix. This is achieved through providing grants and technical assistance to projects aimed at uplifting their status. It also supports training workshops aimed at improving the knowledge and expertise of these target groups.

National Pride, Identity and Heritage
The Fund has taken an active role in enhancing national pride through supporting initiatives aimed at preserving and promoting cultural heritage. It supports projects that have a national outlook, and which centre on shared customs and traditions of Zimbabweans. This encompasses all expressions of arts and culture, including creative industries, heritage, literature, visual arts, music, theatre and dance.

Community Empowerment
Community training and capacity building initiatives form the cornerstone of a sustainable culture and creative industry. The Fund is fast emerging as the key contributor to community development making positive impact on women, groups, institutions and associations among others. Projects such as the Binga Craft Centre, the Murehwa Community Centre, Pakare Paye Arts Centre, Amakhosi Arts Centre, Jenaguru Arts Centre, the Mbira Centre, the Colleges of Music in Harare and Bulawayo and the variety of festivals supported each year around the country are a few examples.