Accessories Fitment Centre - AFC

Windscreens - Vehicle Security - Motoring - Vehicle Entertainment

Accessories Fitment Centre provides you with modern and quality motor vehicle accessories for all vehicle makes to meet your needs.

Address: 100 McChlery Avenue
Telephone: +263 8644 075 925
+263 8644 075 926
Cell: +263 775 374 857
+263 773 001 392

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Accessories Fitment Centre (AFC) is a wholly owned Zimbabwean company incorporated in 2012. The Company trades in buying and selling of vehicle accessories such as canopies, vehicle protection equipment (bull bars, tow bars, nudge bars, roll bars); vehicle security (alarms, gear locks, spare wheel locks); vehicle entertainment (radios, speakers, sub-woofers), motor glass (windscreens, door glass, panel glass, quarter glass). AFC services garages, parastatals, corporates, and individual car owners throughout the country.



To be the most preferred motor vehicle accessories fitment centre in Zimbabwe



To ensure our customer experience a modern life style by providing high quality products and services which are second to none in Zimbabwe.



  • Efficiency
  • Professionalism
  • Good Workmanship
  • Innovation