Adalet Fire Engineers (Pvt) Ltd

Fire Appliance Servicing and Sales - Fire Engineers - Fire Fighting Equipment Services

Suppliers, Installers, Repairs, Services of Fire Extinguishers, Alarm Systems, Sprinkler Systems & Plumbing

Address: 10 Conben Place
Dumfries Road
Telephone: +263 (242) 759484
+263 (242) 759485
Cell: +263 772 363 739
+263 733 446 877
Fax: +263 (242) 759485
Postal: P.O Box ST 844, Southerton, Harare
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To be the best in the provision of quality, efficient products and training services in the Fire
Engineering Industry in Zimbabwe.

To be the market leader in the provision, installation and servicing of fire fighting equipment and to provide quality training services in fire fighting to all our clients.


We shall be in constant touch with our clients so as to proactively deal with their fire fighting

We shall respect divergent views from our valued clients

Honesty shall be our number one virtue in all our dealings

We shall always work as a team to achieve for ourselves and our clients.

Servicing division
Adalet Fire Engineers Service division consists of eight teams, six of which are based at our Harare
workshop and two at our Bulawayo branch. Our service technicians are experienced and fully qualified.
Every member of Adalet Fire Engineers services teams has attained his certificate of competency from the
Fire Brigade and has been issued with a servicing number. Every technician is issued with state of the art
equipment and has been trained to service all types of fire fighting equipment in Zimbabwe.

Mechanical engineering Division
This division deals with the following:

  • Installation of new fire hose networks
  •  Installation of new sprinkler systems
  •  Periodic servicing of sprinkler systems and fire hose reel networks
  •  Installation of specialized fire protection systems.

Electronic Installation and Servicing Division
This Division deals with the following:-

  •  Installation of fire alarms
  •  Installation of manual evacuation systems.
  •  Installation of fire and smoke detection systems complete with total flooding systems.
  •  Access control systems
  •  Closed circuit television systems(CCTV)

Fire Risk Surveys and Reports Division
The company carries out free fire-risk surveys upon request. Surveys encompass structures, appliances,
behavioral patterns propagated by lack of information and training. After the survey, comprehensive
advisory reports are generated and forwarded promptly.

Training Division
Adalet has a team of experienced and dedicated trainers. After the training, Adalet issues and certificate of
participation to all participants who pass a written evaluation test.

The company has two branches in Harare and Bulawayo.
The Harare Branch serves the northern provinces of the country which comprise Harare, Mashonaland
provinces and Manicaland and the Bulawayo branch serves Midlands, Masvingo and the Matabeleland
Provinces. The company has wrested a number of key clients from the traditional giants in the fire-fighting
industry and is poised to assume the biggest percentage of the market in the country.

Presence Projections
Owing to the huge successes scored in attaining pole market presence, the company has targeted to
establish another branch in Mutare before the end of 2013. This branch shall also be used a springboard
into the Mozambican market and kick start our expansion into the SADC region.

We are insured to the tune of USD50 000 by SFG Insurance Company, Policy Number T2/PL/001220.
The Insurance covers any party for whom Adalet Fire Engineers is carrying out a contract away from its
premises and includes the replacement of any costs incurred by a client due to Adalet Fire Engineers
Workmen’s overt or covert act which results in damages being suffered by the client.

Being an authorized distributor of CHUBB FIRE (SA) equipment in Zimbabwe, we supply original and
genuine equipment imported from South Africa with South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)
certification to our clients and offer a one year warranty on all of them as long as they are serviced by
Adalet personnel
Our main products currently on offer include, Fire-risk surveys, Training and the Supply,
Installation and Servicing of Fire fighting equipment.


  •  We carry out free fire risk surveys upon request
  • After the survey, we submit a detailed report portraying exposed areas and offer advice to mitigate the perceived exposures.
  •  We also encourage our clients to take advantage of the training we offer for a nominal fee the details of which are espoused below


  •  Chemistry of combustion
  •  Classes of fire in relation to fire-fighting equipment
  • Fire prevention measures and housekeeping
  • Types of fire-fighting equipment
  • Fire-fighting techniques
  • Proper handling and use of fire-fighting equipment
  • Mechanism of the fire extinguisher
  • Denotation of signage
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Practical demonstrations
  • A short written test to evaluate the success of the course