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Kushava Sports courts was established in 1983 as the biggest construction company in Zimbabwe in all weather   Sport Courts and Tracks. Sports pavements must be conceived according to the sports to be played on then.

Different types of sports and their rules will define what we would call "regulation" characteristics, such as measurements and marking e.t.c. But pavements also need to be able to adapt to the players themselves, helping to improve athletes' performance and protecting them from possible injury. These are the "biomechanical" aspects of pavements and flooring (impact-absorption, friction e.t.c).

Among all of the solutions being tried in national and international markets for outdoor all weather courts and tracks sports, KUSHAVA Sports Courts offer the most well balanced set of these characteristics. Based on a firm base and sub-base, flexible infrastructure, asphalt pavement and rubberized finishes. KUSHAVA Sports Courts guarantees the right amount "slide' and good resistance to abrasion, while still being aesthetically suitable. All of these factors contribute to players' comfort for both professional and novice players.

KUSHAVA Sports Courts and Tracks come in attractive colors, with the right texturing to make them suitable for outdoor multi-purpose sports use. A wide range of colors allows for a variety of decorative schemes that can be adapted to any sports facility and its surroundings. KUSHAVA Sports Courts has over 30 years of experience installing all weather sport surfaces and can guarantee ur clients perfect installations. All you will need to worry about is enjoying the game.

Our sport paving is specially designed for the playing of top-level tennis. The superposition of the successive layers that make up the system gives this paving an extraordinary elasticity that allows a perfect ball bounce and a playing comfort. Its maintenance and versatility are also qualities that are  highly appreciated by Clubs, High Yielding Centers, Public and Private Organizations, observing its  characteristics and durability for over 20years,