Quality Tooling (Pvt) Ltd

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Saw Blade Manufacture and Service, Stelite and tungsten carbibe tipping of teeth, Cutting tool specialists and router bit manufacturer, Sharpening of all industrial cutting tools.

Address: Unit 37 Warren Industrial Centre
Orme Rd
New Ardbennie
Telephone: +263 (242) 666633
Fax: +263 (242) 666779
Postal: P O Box ST 112, Southerton
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Quality Tooling (Pvt) Ltd has the infrastructure to manufacture any mechanical components that your machine may need, compounded by the supply of any cutter, saw or blade you may require. We tailor make blades to suit your operations, be it cutting rose stems, shaping furniture, splicing leather, chipping foam rubber, artistically shaping a hairstyle or carving a roast beef. We are at your service. We will apply a razor edge on anything from a fingernail clipper to a steel cutting power saw, and everything in between.

We have the edge for you over all your mechanical problems and cutting, pressing punching and sawing hang-ups.

We undertake onsite maintenance and repairs, this applies to all mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic or electronic driven machines.
We have served a broad spectrum of industries in Zimbabwe and regionally for the past 32 years, developing new products, repairing unproductive machines and assisting in the overall industrial growth locally. We have become a household name, in sharpening bread slicers, meat slicers, food processing blades, paper shredders, shavers, scissors, metal milling and slotting cutters, paper and leather punches and high precision surgical drills. We service saw and blades that break down tree trunks into planks, provide the tooling to piece different timber into furniture and create the shape and elegance of pristine quality furniture.


We are at your service. The corner stone of all our operations is Quality! It may cost a little more, but it is remembered long after the price is forgotten. We pride our selves with the manufacture of products with a precision nature and those of durability. To mention a few, router bits, spindle cutters, turning form tools, punching and press tools of any form or shape, plastic injection moulds. Tungsten carbide tools or blades. Quality Tooling, the wizard of edge!