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Zimbabwe Technology Development

Zimbabwe Technology Development

Zimbabwe Technology development has been on a slow rise over the past couple of years. Well, technology covers a lot of aspects from machines, information technology and so on. Ever since the stone age technology has been part of the human species and it has been on a continual uptrend.

How Are We Doing So Far?

We use technology daily. Just think about it. You have mobile/cellphone banking, you buy and sell from your phone, you communicate via tech. Right now, you have access to this article because of an information and communication technology device.

The penetration of technology in Zimbabwe has been tremendous. From the small-scale farmer in rural Zimbabwe to the CEO of a ZSE listed company, everyone is using technology. The affordability of smart devices has made it even much wider. 

This might seem like a very basic level to you but when we begin to look at other countries going northwards the penetration of technology may not be as much as it is here in Zimbabwe. 

With this much use of technology, it is sad though that we still do not have the right expertise and industrial technology. Zimbabwe has an economy based on Agriculture with a growing mining sector. These areas have suffered a lot because there haven’t been the right technologies to help optimize the output in these areas. 

More scientists and engineers are needed in these sectors. There is also a great need for research and development to come up with tailored solutions for the current hurdles. One of the biggest causes of this impediment has been the lack of foreign direct investment. 

Not too many investors are keen on injecting some capital and resources into Zimbabwe. With this combination of disadvantages, it is extremely difficult for locals to learn and utilize emerging technologies. 

What Does the Future Look Like for Zimbabwean Technology?

The rest of the world is already using highly complex technological equipment to do mining and agriculture. Most of the technology may be expensive to acquire in the beginning but the return on investment is worth it.

The disruption in these sectors has allowed for processes to be done quickly, efficiently, and much cheaper than ever before.  For example, drones can now be used to do fumigation over large fields as opposed to using heavier more expensive equipment.

Some mining companies in Australia are now fully autonomous. Vehicles and machinery are programmed to do the entire mining process with very little human intervention. These are just a few examples.

Some smaller companies are embracing emerging technologies to optimize farming processes. There is a substantial amount of capital needed for these small guys to even scratch the surface and reach a point where we benefit fully at a national level from these technologies.

Most people benefitting from emerging technologies are doing so at an individual level. We have been seeing a steady rise in the use of eCommerce. There has also been a rising popularity of cryptocurrencies with most of the young population participating there.

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