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Posted 28/04/2022 in Category 1 by Coronation Solutions

What happens if you outlive your retirement investment capital?

What happens if you outlive your retirement investment capital?

You simply will have to rely on your children to support you. But if they cannot afford to, or you do not have any children, then the future looks bleak.

As Financial Advisors we provide high-level retirement planning solutions to our clients that keep them financially independent. We present a framework of their current financial circumstances and future financial goals. This provides them with a clear perspective of their financial status, enabling them to make secure informed decisions.

Your Financial Plan should not only deal with investments but in fact all aspects of wealth management, including your succession plan and risk management plan.

Without a sound Financial Plan, it’s likely that you run the risk of making decisions in isolation and potentially jeopardizing your financial future. And your future should be about enjoying your children and their families, and not depending on them.

So let us help you to decide when enough is enough, and put your mind at peace for your retirement. 

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