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Understanding the Legal Landscape in Zimbabwe

Understanding the Legal Landscape in Zimbabwe

Understanding the Legal Landscape in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, a landlocked country located in Southern Africa, has a complex and dynamic legal landscape. The country’s legal and regulatory environment is shaped by politics, which is fluid and responsive to local, regional, and international needs, forces, trends, opportunities, circumstances, and developments1.

Country Profile

Zimbabwe gained independence from Britain in 1980 and has since evolved into a presidential republic. The President serves as the Head of State and Government, with executive power vested in the Government and legislative power shared between the Government and Parliament1. This separation of powers between the Executive, Judiciary, and Legislature forms the backbone of Zimbabwe’s legal system1.

Business and Investment Climate

Zimbabwe’s investment legislation landscape has undergone significant shifts in recent times. The country is currently undertaking a number of fast-tracked legislative reforms aimed at facilitating and accelerating the implementation of foreign direct investment2. These reforms are geared towards making Zimbabwe an attractive investment destination by removing bureaucratic and time-consuming processes that hamper or frustrate the investment process2.

Establishing a Business

Zimbabwe’s company laws allow for the establishment of different types of commercial entities. Foreign investors have the option to enter into joint ventures with locals or partner with the Government through Public Private Partnerships2. For projects in key sectors such as energy, these may be granted ‘National Project Status’, entitling the investor to a number of tax and fiscal incentives2.

Legal Protection for Investors

Foreign investors are encouraged to obtain a Zimbabwe Investment License, which legitimizes their operations in Zimbabwe. Licensed investors are accorded the full protection of Zimbabwean laws in the event of an investment dispute2.


Understanding the legal landscape in Zimbabwe is crucial for any potential investors, entrepreneurs, tourists, or other businesspeople interested in establishing a business in Zimbabwe or visiting the country for tourist purposes1. With its ongoing reforms and efforts to create an enabling regulatory environment, Zimbabwe presents a unique and dynamic legal landscape for both local and foreign entities.

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