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Posted 12/05/2022 in Category 1 by Tech Africa

How to Run a Generator in the Rain (And Not Ruin It)

How to Run a Generator in the Rain (And Not Ruin It)

Generators are lifesavers. If your power goes out, these reliable machines are always there for us to keep our essential processes functioning. However, problems with rain and other elements can cause some serious problems.

How to Run a Generator in the Rain? To run a generator while it is raining, it must be covered. You can use one of these:

  • Open Steel Sheds
  • Plastic sheds
  • Pop-up canopies
  • Coverings

For most generators, a canopy like this one will do the trick nicely.

You can also build your own enclosure. No matter what, safety precautions should be taken.

Situations will arise where you will need power while it is raining. Read on to find out how to do so safely.

Can a Generator Get Wet?

You should avoid letting a generator gets wet. If one gets wet, it can easily lead to an explosion or electrocution. This could not only hurt somebody nearby, but it could permanently damage your generator and anything around it.

In particular, getting moisture into your outlets is an even worse case. To keep your generator working in good working condition, you will need to protect it from all forms of moisture.

How to Protect a Generator from the Rain.

Sometimes you won’t be able to get away from the rain. The power outage could be because of the rain, or maybe you’re camping, and you need some power in these adverse conditions.

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