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B2B Digital Marketing Check List

B2B Digital Marketing Check List

 B2B companies everywhere are facing unprecedented times. With so much uncertainty in the B2B landscape, marketing managers are asking; which tactics should stay and which should go

As you transition to a fully online strategy consider how these digital marketing tactics will help you get your message to the right audience to keep leads in your pipeline.

 Webinars & Online Events

  • Avoid a blatant selling message; be mindful of the state of the world right now
  • Discuss topics that are immediately helpful to your audiences, such as sustaining revenue.
  • Make presentations short and succinct: 30 minutes is plenty of time
  • Show your face over video to foster connection
  • Use inbound digital channels to recruit for your virtual event, like email and LinkedIn InMail 
  • Archive your webinar for viewers who can’t make it
  • Invite a client onto your webinar as a live case study 

Social Media Strategy

  • Practice social listening before social posting
  • Moderate comments to remove misinformation
  • Write posts in real time to provide accurate information
  • Limit scheduling posts in advance to avoid misinformation
  • Consider live streaming any big announcements
  • Update open/close times or essential business information on your profiles.  
  • Leverage paid social media marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Target specific audiences through paid and programmatic advertising 

Content Marketing & SEO

  • Scrutinize your content topics more than ever
  • Ask yourself: how will this help people today?
  • Pay mind to the message and tone of your content
  • Don’t create empty content just for the sake of it
  • Avoid relating your products to world news if there’s not an obvious connection 
  • Conduct new keyword research to understand changes in your audience’s needs 

Search Engine Marketing

  • Increase your budget on campaigns where you can meet demand
  • Reevaluate device preferences; mobile usage from commuters may decrease.
  •  Analyze your location data; this will change as travel stops temporarily
  • Review your ad copy to ensure your message and tone are appropriate
  • Set new KPIs and measurables to reflect the new landscape 

Make these marketing adjustments to sustain your business during the pandemic period.

 We cannot plan for situations like these, but we can adapt as events unfold. Consider the marketing tactics that your business is currently utilizing and make small adjustments to accommodate for our temporary situation. It’s important to stay top of mind to your audience-but only by being helpful, informative and relevant.

 Contact us to put these digital strategies into action for your business.



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