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Posted 21/01/2021 in Category 1 by Henning's Nursery

Water-Wise Gardening

Water-Wise Gardening

It is no secret that with climate change and careless guardianship of our planet, water is rapidly becoming a diminishing resource. We have to learn to water-wisely, and conserve our precious water.

 The fact is that we can garden specifically to minimize water usage, and even an established garden can be Water-Wise with a little effort and thought.

 I want to introduce to you one of my star pupils:

The Spekboom, or Portulacaria afra.

 This is a robust succulent with round fleshly leaves, often with distinctive reddish margins. Small pink nectar-rich flowers are borne in profusion on the stems and they develop into small winged fruits. This is an exceptional bee tree which in turn attracts insectivorous birds. The fleshly leaves are eaten raw, although some find it unpalatable. It provides fodder for stock and game. The Larvae of the Diadem butterfly feed on this plant and hence you can see why it has been described by many as a wonder plant. In fact, it is the most effective carbon depositor on earth for the amount of water it uses. It thrives on very little water and is extremely effective in converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. We can do our little bit by growing this shrub in our gardens. It grows easily from slips and so there is no reason why you should not be generous in your gifting this plant to family and friends. Please remember to just allow the clean-cut edges of the cuttings to dry out for a few days before planting.

 There should be an ideal spot in your garden where you can plant several of these plants together in a group. Spekboom grows fairly fast and may be closely planted to form a hedge, used as an ornamental succulent tree for a rockery, or planted to check soil erosion. It makes a beautiful bonsai too where it will eventually make a LOVELY green spot, uses so little water, and will do so much good.

 Happy Gardening. Henning

P.S. You can find mature specimens of Portulacaria afra at US$4.00 each, or the equivalent, at Henning's Nursery, 16 Greendale Avenue, Harare (next to Food Lover's)!

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