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Storing Grains

Storing Grains

Tips for Storing Grains

The farming season is here! We would like to give you, our valid customer some pointers on how best to store your hard-earned produce.

1. Storing Bags

You will want to get well aerating bags that also prevent moisture from the atmosphere. Our bags are designed with a sealing skirt and preferably a discharge spout or flat base. The bags are designed for easy storage and access.

2. Choosing the Best Surface

Grain should be store in a slopping area that is well drained, firm and elevated of the ground to minimise the risk of flooding.

3. Protecting wild animals such as (Birds and Rodents)

As well is known rodents will destroy your grains if not guarded against. The first steps if you’ll be storing your grain bags in a field, you may want to position the bags in a line. By setting up your bags this way, you can prevent pests like rodents and other animals from using your grain bags for shelter to protect them from predators and weather. You may also want to spray the area for grass and weeds to reduce the habitat for rodents.

4. Making the Grain Bags Last

The amount of moisture in your grain can impact how long you can successfully store grain in your bags. The type of bag you use will impact how much moisture is returned in the grained. Keeping your grains will allow you to store grain until the next growing season without any loss in quality.


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