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Posted 27/06/2023 by Altmedia Advertising Company

How important is Proximity when placing your billboard?

How important is Proximity when placing your billboard?

The distance between your billboard and your business location is an extremely important factor to consider for local business owners. If the goal of your billboard is to attract local customers, then placing it close to your place of business is a must! However, a company that is hoping to increase its reach and find new customers may consider placing billboards in areas where they would reach a different type of market.

Billboards that point out the location of your business and the distance away from the driver or pedestrian can be highly effective in driving traffic to your business.

Our recent billboard installation for Pomona Steel & Fencing located only 2km away along from the company's factory and showroom made effective use of the proximity of our 4mx 8m billboard site to help increase brand awareness for the business within the local area.

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