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Posted 25/02/2021 in Category 1 by Henning's Nursery

February Greetings

February Greetings

Dear all,

By now, I suppose, we are all addicted to social media, and I hope that you all have missed me!

How did your garden react to the summer of 2020/21, with its alternating heat waves, high humidity, and then those famous Harare Deluges and Downpours?

I’m sure it grew like mad! Any plant which you had placed in the ground in the previous months, regardless of how you treated ‘soil preparation’ or’ ‘planting techniques,’ simply grew - including the weeds. In fact, with the current rainy season, we have forgotten what it is like NOT to have a ready supply of water to irrigate our plants.

Henning’s Nursery unfortunately was closed during the month of February 2021 as we were not able to operate as an essential service.  Our current stocks have been depleted, but it is my hope that when you hear from me again Covid will be a thing of the past, and the Nursery will be brimming with new arrivals and ideas.

To wet your appetite, I am planning on having an OPEN DAY of my water-wise garden towards the end of March. Then you will be able to see for yourself that the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Till then, happy gardening. We hope to have our Henning’s Selection of Herbs listed on okavangoo.com, and you can start using your acquired social networking skills during March. Herbs thrive during this time as we move into Autumn and Winter.



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