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FAQs About Joing A BRN Chapter

FAQs About Joing A BRN Chapter

1. Can anyone join a chapter?

  • BRN accepts one person per professional specialty.
  • If your specialty is already represented, you may be referred to another chapter or allowed to open a new one.
  • Commercial real estate professionals are eligible to join this chapter.
  • Check which chapters have openings for your profession 


2. How do you verify new members' reputability?

  • Applicants provide references.
  • The membership committee checks references.
  • Word of mouth is essential; members must have spoken to someone or received an invitation.
  • Everyone needs a sponsor or is assigned one, followed by an interview.


3. What happens if a member mishandles a referral?

  • BRN has an ethics committee.
  • Members must report unsatisfactory referrals to the membership committee for investigation.


4. Which occupations benefit most from networking?

  • It's about the individual, not the occupation.
  • Anyone focused, with a dream and willingness to make sacrifices, is welcome.


5. Are members expected to bring visitors?

  • Encouraged for open occupations.
  • Visitors are prescreened and potential candidates.
  • Meetings are mostly closed, except for potential members.


6. Do ethical rules prevent certain professions from participating in BRN?

  • BRN respects ethical concerns but emphasizes education on marketing and business growth.
  • Professional ethics supersede BRN rules if they conflict.


7. Must specialists be experts in all aspects of their profession?

  • BRN understands specialization.
  • Professionals should not participate outside their expertise.


8. Is BRN suitable for professions that can't directly solicit business?

  • BRN aims to improve business through effective networking.
  • Expertise and comfort level matter.

 Contact the BRN Midlands Office for more information:

Email:  business@zimyellow.com

 Or call:     (0542) 526647. 

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