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Climate Change Introduction - by Henning Jordaan

Climate Change Introduction - by Henning Jordaan

There is no doubt that climate change will affect all of us living in Zimbabwe. CLIMATE CHANGE IS THE BIGGEST ISSUE TO US ZIMBABWEAN GARDENERS TODAY. We cannot wish it away…and it is going to affect us in the way we garden. 

Hence we are going to have to learn how to implement water wise, resilient gardens as we prepare for the future and deal with the issue of lack of water.

I still believe that there is a future in gardening- but only if our mindset become attuned to the changing climate and to the new choice of plant material available to us. Aloes, succulents and other plant material with a very low water requirement need to be our No 1 choice.  

Climate change will reshape the way we USED to garden and I know that gardening habits are hard to change but change they must!!.

Join me at Hennings Nursery as we travel this new road together. 

Till next Week.

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