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Broiler Chicken Farming

How to Start Broiler Chicken Farm Business. Commercially broiler chicken farming is a profitable business. Keeping broiler chickens, the farm owners sometimes face various problems. If you cannot overcome these problems in time, you have to face losses. As a farm owner, keeping the broiler chicken, all the things to remember, let's know. Know Detail Subscribe this Channel: https://goo.gl/aQ126H.

The house must be cleaned well before the chicken babies arrive. Then the house will be free from the germ for 7-10 days. Then, the litter should be spread in the house. 6 hours before the arrival of the chicken babies, the brooder ring should be prepared and the brooder bulb burns to bring the temperature to 33-35 degrees Celsius. The brooder house can be heated before 12-24 hours in the very winter. Within the brooder, one day's child's food and water pot should be placed. If needed, glucose mixture water can be given to chicken babies. For the first 1-2 hours, children have to take time to rest and give time to eat water and food. After 1 to 2 hours, food, water supply, and temperature should be checked and corrected if necessary. The temperature inside the brooder will be the first 3 days 33 degrees Celsius, 3 to 7 days 30-31 degrees Celsius, and 7 to 14 days to keep the temperature at 26-28 Celsius. After 14 days no heat is needed in the summer. However, in winter, the temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius will give heat. Regular food and water will be supplied daily. If the liter is more humid, then it will have to sprinkle wooden crusts or husk on it. Every day, the light will be supplied for 23 hours. Artificial lighting should be provided after sunset. It is best to put the temperature in the broiler chicken room at 18-22 degrees Celsius. In summer, electric fan must be used. To prevent disease, vaccinations should be done periodically. At the age of 1-7 days Ranikhet vaccine will be given. Gumboro vaccine will be given at 7-10 days age. At the age of 21 days Gumboro vaccine booster dosage will be given. In litter mode, 10-12 broiler poultry per square meter can be observed and in the platform manner, 15 broiler chickens per square meter can be observed. During Brooding, one meal plate should be provided for 80-90 chickens babies. At the time of brooding, a water pot should be provided for every 100 chickens babies. Brooding up to 250-500 chickens in each brooder can be done. In the first week, 60-65 chicken babies can be brooded in every square meter and in the second week 30-35 chicken piglets per square meter will be brooding. Chick guard circumference should be increased by a small amount daily. The height of the chick guard is 18-20 inches. Temperatures can be reduced or increased by decreasing or increasing the height of Hobbler. Again, increasing or decreasing the number of electric lights or watt can control temperatures. In the slightest neglect of the farmer, there can be many problems in the broiler farm. Use Separate shoes inside the farm so that the disease from the outside cannot enter the farm. The shoes used on the farm will never be brought out and the shoes used outside cannot be inserted into a broiler chicken house. Visitors should not be allowed to enter the broiler chickens house. Due to this, the disease will be greatly reduced and the maintenance of broiler chickens will be a profitable business.


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