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Black Soot On Your Citrus Leaves

Black Soot On Your Citrus Leaves

Dear Farmer,
Do you have black soot on your citrus leaves or fruit? Does it look darker than dirt or yard dust? Chances are that your plant or tree might have sooty mould.
Most people assume that the sooty mould you see on citrus plants is a disease. Sooty mould is a black, powdery fungus that grows on the branches, leaves, and fruit. This fungus is unsightly, but it generally does little harm to the fruit. 
However, severe coating of the fungus can block light, therefore affecting plant growth. Most importantly, citrus with sooty mould is a sure sign that your citrus tree has been invaded by harmful insects. While aphids are often guilty, honeydew is also left behind by scale, whiteflies, mealybugs, and various other pests.
To get rid of sooty mould on citrus, the first step is to eliminate the honeydew-producing insects. Insecticide sprays such as Orchex, and Malathion 25 WP are effective ways of controlling pests, although eradication generally requires more than one application.
Remove the affected parts and spray insecticides. Once the pests are controlled, the sooty mould will usually wear away on its own. However, you may be able to speed the process up by spraying the tree with a strong stream of water, or water with a little detergent mixed in. 
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