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5 Reasons You Should Use PVC For Your Next Project

5 Reasons You Should Use PVC For Your Next Project

Industry leaders and DIY experts across the world have been moving away from the use of traditional materials like bronze, copper, and iron to embrace the relatively newer and more efficient Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) technology. The continued application of PVC in sewer and water systems, borehole casings, irrigation as well as mining has cemented belief in the many advantages that it brings. As the leading plastic pipes and fittings manufacturer, with over fifty years of servicing different industries and homes, allow us to show you why we are particularly enthusiastic as to why your next project should use PVC pipes and fittings;

Cost Effective

No matter the size of a project, whether it’s a minor home assignment, a major water system, or just a case of drilling a borehole, the cost is a major factor and most often the goal is to procure materials for the highest quality at the lowest cost. PVC comes as an easy solution at a relatively cheaper cost than traditional materials and at no compromised quality.

Easy Installation

PVC holds a clear lead over traditional materials when it comes to ease of installation. PVC can be cut, shaped, welded, and joined easily in a variety of styles. In addition, its light weight reduces manual handling difficulties. Its adaptability to traditional materials during installation makes it a huge advantage and makes it user-friendly in repair - installations.


Another advantage that PVC holds is its ability to resist weathering, chemical rotting, corrosion, shock, and abrasion. This translates into a major win of a longer lifespan, with evidence suggesting that PVC material can last for a minimum of 50 years under specified conditions, saving on costs associated with multiple repairs and replacements. You will be glad to know that Proplastics Limited plastic pipes and fittings have a guarantee of 50 years and an expected life expectancy of over 100 years. Indeed a lifetime investment that gives you peace of mind and value for your money.


PVC Pipe material has been acclaimed for its resistance to fracture, and ability to withstand external loading, i.e. a water or sewer system beneath a busy road network, as well as pressure surges such as those associated with water systems. PVC Pipes are a major advantage for buried applications, particularly where soil movement or vibration is anticipated.

Smooth bore

A further advantage of PVC is its smooth bore (consequently a very low friction factor) compared to other traditional materials. This advantage is thrust into relief when we look at sewer pipe systems transporting wastewater with substantial quantities of sediments from point A to B. The smoothness means that bacteria and other particles cannot attach themselves to the inner walls of the piping systems preventing slime build-up in sewers and deposits in water distribution.


Good flow characteristics are displayed as PVC will never corrode and build rust, and there will be no tuberculation (pockets of rust that reduce water flow). Your next project deserves the efficiency and superiority offered by using PVC.


The major concern of this generation is to reduce the size of our carbon footprint. PVC is a non-toxic and safe material with zero harm to the environment. Do your bit for the environment and use  VC for your next project.

If you would like to find out more about our range of plastic pipes and fittings and get assistance on requirements for your next project, please feel free to send us an email at sales@proplastics.co.zw

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