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5 Commercial Fire Alarm FAQs For Business Owners

5 Commercial Fire Alarm FAQs For Business Owners

To eliminate any confusion and keep employees informed and out of harm's way, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

1. Is your fire alarm connected to your smoke detector?

Commercial smoke detectors can be connected to fire alarm control panels. If connected, the fire alarm control panel will set off the alarm horn if smoke is present.

2. How often should commercial fire alarms be inspected?

Your building fire alarm should be inspected and tested on a semi-annual basis to ensure that all alarm systems are ready to deploy in an emergency.

3. What does the beeping noise mean that's coming from the fire alarm?

-batteries need replacement

- Environmental issue- humidity or non-fire-related smoke can cause a commercial fire alarm to malfunction.

4. What do I do when I see an error code on the fire alarm panel?

Fire alarm panels are extremely sensitive and can cause an error code for a variety of reasons, including a power failure.

5. What is the difference between conventional and addressable fire alarms

The main difference is the building it can protect. Conventional alarms are ideal for smaller commercial buildings. Addressable fire alarms are made for large buildings or campuses and make for less complex installations. 


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